Hi Novell Community,

I have a OES Linux Cluster setup against a DELL/EMC cx300 SAN.

I have installed and configured the cluster and the SAN device. However
when creating the NSS Pools using NSSMU as outlined on the OES Novell
Cluster Services 1.8.2 Admin Guide for Linux (pg27-28), step 7 creting the
pool leads to the following error - "Error 20896 Operation on Shared
device is rejected - Ok".

I have checked in NSSMU that the SAN devices are enabled for sharing and
they are - listed as emcpowera [shareable], sda [os not sharable], sdb
[san sharable] and sdc [san sharable].

My setup is as follows;
x2 clustered servers with raid1 os drives, each server has a hba card with
connections. Each connection from both servers go to the SAN which is
split in half so you have connection 1 from server 1 going to A along with
connection 2 from server 2.

I'm not sure what needs to be done to create the pool.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.