Does anyone else use ArcServe BrightStor Backup?

We are currently migrating to OES and have been using a centralised
ArcServe backup for years hosted on Windows. As CA have an OES agent it
seemed a natural choice to add this to our current mix and away we go…
Or so I thought…..

The current Windows BrightStor host does not support the OES agent
(regardless of what the advertising literature may say). So as we have
a current support contract CA have raised an internal development
request for it. In the meantime they advised that I swop to the Linux
host which we have done.

My next issue was pretty simple to solve, you need to purchase both a
BrightStor Linux agent and an OES agent for each OES server that has a
NSS volume you want to backup (why aren’t they sold in pairs the OES
agent cannot be used on its own!).

Then it seems that the agent does not backup the NDS tree for you.
Instead the agent has the facility to run a script of your choice at
the start of the backup. So you must write a script to export the
directory to a Linux volume and include that in the backup.

Then it seems that due to an “undisclosed limitation” in the backup
agent, you cannot have a single backup job (we use a GFS rotation
system) that includes OES servers that mix file systems. So in my case
2 servers have both Linux and NSS volumes, 3 have just Linux volumes,
these need to be separate backup jobs.

My next one relates to the actual backup of NSS volumes, once the
backup job has contacted the agent, the whole NSS volume is lock as
read only for existing files until it has completed! – You can create
new files and folders (thanks!). This is not too back if you have a
relatively small volume or of course your backup is being done when no
users are logged in. But make the volume a TB or two and chaos! – Also
what happens if your users require 24 hour access to the volume? – This
can be adjusted by changing and using the DENY NONE option in the
backup job (you can now access the files on the volume), however the
agent then fail to backup and NSS compressed files……..

I’ve also asked CA about support for the forthcoming 64Bit OES – They
are aware of it and it will be developed based on customer demand! – So
if you are planning as we are to use this version GET ONTO CA NOW! – or
we could all be waiting months for this.

Am I alone with the issues I have found? Does anyone else have any CA