I'm backing up our OES SP2 server using Backup Exec 11D RALUS Agent. The
backup is much slower than expected. This isn't a problem with the Backup
Exec 11D Media Server, because I can backup other servers 10 times faster.

I've made sure the Backup Exec 11D RALUS Agent is using OES' tsafs modules
to make sure the NSS rights are backed up.

I've put the tsafs module in debug mode to see if I get any errors which
might be causing performance problems. There are 2 errors list:
1) 401B46C0:TSA_Init [2065 ]:Unable to dynamically open NCP library
libcallnx.so.1401b46c0:FS_Fix4to2ByteUnicode : Start
2) 401b46c0: SMS_ByteToUnicode [00332]: SMS_ByteToUnicode Buffer failed.
ret: 00000000.

The backup works (just slowly) so I'm not sure what the errors mean. Any
ideas on how to improve the backup performance?

Many thanks,