I have an OES-Linux server in it's own tree, our IDM tree in fact and have
been head banging on how to get a backup of it. No NSS volumes or anything
fancy, just a plain vanilla Sles9 server running IDM.

We use Commvault extensively in our organization but not with Linux (yet).
The eval license they sent is for Linux and would not install for OES so
waiting for a new one but I somehow doubt it will backup NDS.

Sooo - how is the best way to 1) get a system backup of the server and 2)
get the nds backed up?
(reliably enough to do a full working restore again if need be:-)

I will be installing a second server soon to hold a replica but the (vm)
hardware is not yet fully completed so it will be awhile before this

Thanks for any info - Mark

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