It seems I have made a mistake. I am trying to move my File/Print Server
from NetWare 6.0 SP4 to OES/Linux SP2 and I am using NSS and have created
an NSS Pool called SYS on OES. Then I created a SYS volume in the NSS

Well I went to look at the SYS volume in Console One and discovered that
there are already populated Login and Public directories. How did those
get there as I didn't put them there. Upon further review, the total
volume size was also different.

Now I started looking at other OES servers without NSS volumes and found
that the SYS volume is automatically created.

Now to my problem: When I attempt to delete the SYS Volume in the SYS
Pool or delete the SYS Pool, I receive this message:

Error: The SYS volume cannot be deleted using iManager. Deleting the SYS
volume removes the operating system. You would have to reinstall NetWare
to access data on other volumes.

Any ideas on how to remove a pool that contains an empty SYS volume?

Glen Riedel