Hi there

I used to run NetWare servers with Traditional File System. We don't use
user quotas but do use directory quotas. The tool I used to manage
directory quotas was NWExplore which I found on Cool Solutions. The reason
I like this tool was because it was fast: you didn't have to wait ages for
it to scan the file system to check disk space usage it just spat the
results out in an instant and it seemed to be aware that files on a
NetWare volume can be compressed and so it would report disk space usage
more accurately than other tools I've used.

However now I am running the NSS file system on OES Linux servers and
whilst this tool still works it doesn't work so well any more. If a
directory doesn't have any quota applied the space used by it is not
reported at all.

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations about what disk space
management tools to use? I need something for all the IT staff to use and
since most of them run Windows desktops it needs to run on Windows. I
don't mind paying for something.