Thanks in advance for any help on this one... I'm reposting this in
OES webserver forum because I've gotten nowhere in the SLES9 or

I have a SLES9 Server running Apache 2.0.51 using mod_auth_ldap to
control access to restricted areas on the webserver. I'm using
files in each restricted directory to protect the content and use ldap

authentication against a Novell Netware 6.5 SP3 server.
I'm able to authenticate using the "require valid-user" directive, but

using the "require group" directive fails with the typical 403

typical .htaccess configuration:
AuthName "Secure Directory Name"
AuthType basic
AuthLDAPURL ldap://w.x.y.z:389/O=ContextName
AuthLDAPAuthoritative on
require valid-user
#require group CN=Groupname,OU=Containername,O=ContextName

With the "require group" commented, authentication works.
With the "require valid-user" commented (and uncommenting the above
"require group" directive) authentication fails.

I'm thinking that group authentication requires an
AuthLDAPGroupAttribute to be set, but where and how do I find out what

this should be?

Additionally, a DSTRACE of AUTH and LDAP on the Netware box shows the

following when the "require group" directive is active:

[000080f2] <.username.MyOUName.MyContext.MYTree.> LocalLoginRequest. Error success, conn: 68

Anybody have group authentication via mod_auth_ldap working?

Alex A