I am just starting to play with OES (Netware Kernel) with the
intention to migrate our WEB server in a near future.

I am testing the new QuickFinder. The first problem i see is that the
information displayed on the result page is different that what I have
on my Netware 6.5SP2.

The problem is with PDF files. We have the "title" and "subject"
fields correctly filled on our pdf files. With NW6.5SP2, the result page
show only the title and the subject. It is correct as i found in the doc
that the field $$Description should give me the " Abstract, description, or
first 255 display bytes of the result item". Note the "or" between "description" and "first 255...".

With the new OES QuickFinder, the field $$Description show me the "subject" field AND the first 255 bytes of the file. It seems to me
that it is a bug.

Am i correct ??

Thank's for your help.