New installation of OES on Netware.

Apache / Tomcat services are running fine. I can use iMgr and get to it
from browser, specifying name of our new web server.

Problem - I cannot get basic new website web pages to be viewed with any
web browsers. Tried this with IE6, Firefox, Netscape - all experience
same result.

I went into Apache admin, created virtual hosts, specified the
Vol:/folder containing the index.htm was in for a basic website.

All I see displayed are lists of the files/folders in the web browser.
The URL I use is just like any other, prefixed with ""

When I look at the index.htm and associated web pages on my local hard
drive with IE, Firefox, Netscape - they display as web pages just fine.

The index.htm home page was created in Dreamweaver MX 2004.