I had an older server with Fedora core 2 installed on it. The name of the
server was (for example):


I had a versign SSL cert created for this server and all was well.

Now, I have replaced the server with OES and it continues to work well (and
I can login with my novell credentials much faster than I could with LDAP
on Fedora core 2).

The problem I'm having is with the verisign cert. If I configure my
vhost-ssl.conf file to use the verisign cert, it works fine until I try to
add users in iManager on the OES box. iManager starts and seems to be
okay...but the users created don't show up in NDS. If I use the SSL cert
created during install it works.

Short of running iManager 2.5 on a different box, is there any way to make
this work all on the same box (the verisign cert uses the name of the
server which hasn't changed).