I have a remount mounted directory on my SLES OES box. I have
Quickfinder indexing this directory. If I leave the security off - IE
anyone can search, I get the correct search results.
If I point it to a file, that I have given a group access to on the
linux server, no results on searches. Lum enabled - even. Tried to do
this to a local NSS volume on the SLES box.
If I point them to a file on the remote server \\x.z.y\hju\ok.txt. I
get no results
If I tell it to check based on by Result Item , the java process go
nuts, and I have to Shutdown tomcat and restart. The java process sits at
99% when a search is requested.

Anyone have a secure setup that indexes remote servers on SLES OES? I do
not want to load the service on the File servers that are being indexed -
stability concerns.

Thank You,