I just installed a new NW6.5sp4a server into an existing tree. The
first time I did it, I used an account that didn't have enough rights,
so I got an error about W0 objects. After that, Apache won't load
correctly, so I removed DS from it and then reinstalled the server
again. Now, everything is loading right on the server, however, when I
go to the IP address of the server, instead of loading up the default
page (where you can login and then load various applications such as
iManager), I see three "Service Unavailable, error 503." I've searched
through the knowledgebase and couldn't find anything on it. I can reach
NetStorage if I just manually type the address. Any ideas what it might
be? One of the things I'm suspecting is maybe something wrong with
Tomcat not loading because of certificates? Any suggestions is greatly
appreciated. Thank you in advance.