I hear the crickets chirping in this forum, so I'm not expecting much. I thought this would be a common problem...

So OES Linux is up and running with SP1 and all of the updates according to rug. VO, Ifolders Web and and iAdmin run w/o any problems. If I create a NameVirtualHost on my system, Apache seems to ignore it completlely and serves up the normal /srv/www/htdocs page.

After beating my head for a while, I used an IP based virtual host. Now I can try to access the new Directory, but I keep getting 403 errors. I'm sure lots of peole think the 1.2 million tiny .conf files spread accross the entire filesystem is a great way to manage apache. I just can't seem to locate the 1 that won't allow me to use my directory. I've try commenting out the section in httpd.conf. I've tried allowing the folder in the vhosts.conf file. I chown'd the direcory I'm using.

So before I give up and jam fedora core into this otherwise Novell shop, someone please help.