I have setup a fresh OES SP1 server to host iFolder 3 and a webpage. I've
been fighting with it now for about 3 months. It's so unreliable that we
can not put it into production.

The problems are not always the same but typically are web service related.
The web services have not run continusly for more than 4 days and typically
need reset every other day.

Most of the time the novell-httpstkd stops working. If I query the status
it says that the process is dead but /var/run/httpstkd exist. If I remove
the the pid file it will start back up. However, give it a day or two and
it dies again.

Sometime, the simias servers just stops. I can't find any logs that
indicate an error. Running the scripts in /etc/cron.daily typically get it
running again. The cron jobs are ruuning every night so I'm not sure why
simais dies so often.

A couple of times Apache2 was completely dead. When trying to start it up
it can't bind to the port becuase https2-pr is running on those ports. If
I kill the process then apache will run again.

Can anybody tell me where to look in the logs for whats going on. If I
look in /var/logs/messages I see no errors, only the cron jobs. The apache
logs don't show anything else either.

I know this post is a little vague on details but if you need a log let me
know which one and I'll post it. Maybe I'm blind but Novell should
docuement the log process better. I wish I could just look at my "logger
screen". I found a docuement detail where the simais logs are but I have an
empty directory were they should be.

This is my first real attempt at using OES linux and it's reliablity is not
giving me the warm and fuzzies.