Hi All,

Currently running a quickfinder server on SLES 9 with OES SP1...I have
created an crawled index to index sections of an intranet site I am
building. If I provide a direct link a PDF, ie
http://myserver.com/path/to/pdf/somepdf.pdf, it will be indexed properly.
But, if I provide a link to lookup the location in a database, and include
the PDF in an iframe, ie http://myserver.com/3/content/3/, the pdf will
not be indexed. Is this normal or is there some setting I am missing.
From the quickfinder new feature list I have read that "QuickFinder can
now detect URLs embedded within all link types, including image, a href,
iFrame, base, and framesets". Am I assuming wrong that the links found in
an iframe would be indexed?

Thanks for any help. If any clarification is needed please ask.

- Mike