I've got QF indexing an entire Netware 6.5SP5 volume and the index is going just fine. When I search for a particular file _name_ the search yeilds no result even though I see the files being indexed OK.

Help Information for this page Index Name: NetWare Web Search
Status: Indexing Index Location: sys:\qfsearch\sites\default\indexes\NetWare Web Search\2006-01-31; 02.00.42
Start Time: Jan 31, 2006 12:52:18 PM Running Time: 0:1:13 (h:m:s)
Files Indexed: 9,896 Bytes Indexed: 9,549,389,915

Page # Size Seconds Indexed File / Message
9,888 472,122 0 scan_dwg:/Gear Couplings Scans/6-62103-CAB-0.TIF
9,889 867,298 0 scan_dwg:/Gear Couplings Scans/6-62103-CB-0.TIF
9,890 646,658 0 scan_dwg:/Gear Couplings Scans/6-62103-CC-0.TIF
9,891 1,105,314 0 scan_dwg:/Gear Couplings Scans/6-62103-CE-0.TIF

As you can see, the files are found and indexed, but a search for "62103" or "*62103*"yeilds:

Your search for 62103 returned no results

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We've scanned a lot of paper documents and need a way to search through the thousands of TIFF and JPEG files that have resulted.

QF is crawling PDF files and HTM files OK and is finding that stuff. Am I missing something? Will QF do the task?