Hi Together,

i've installad MySQL v5.0.18.0 on my OESSP2 Server.

Afterwards i've followed the instructions from coolsolution article 'How to
configure MySQL for NSS File System in OES for Linux' at

The creation of the mysql user runs fine. I was also able to create the
data directory on the NSS volume without any problems. The mysql user has
the appropriate rights to MySQL data directory.

I've tried to start the MySQL daemon with the following command:
mysqld_safe --user=mysql --datadir=/media/nss/DATA/mysql/data/ &

The follwoing error log was written to the lxa1.err file on the NSS MySQL

MySQL is not starting and the following error log file is written to the
MySQL Data directory on the NSS Volume:
060209 15:30:03 mysqld started
060209 15:30:03 InnoDB: Started; log sequence number 0 43655
060209 15:30:03 [ERROR] Can't start server : Bind on unix socket:
Permission denied
060209 15:30:03 [ERROR] Do you already have another mysqld server running
on socket: /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock ?
060209 15:30:03 [ERROR] Aborting

060209 15:30:03 InnoDB: Starting shutdown...
060209 15:30:05 InnoDB: Shutdown completed; log sequence number 0 43655
060209 15:30:05 [Note] /usr/sbin/mysqld: Shutdown complete

060209 15:30:05 mysqld ended

Another mysqld is not running i've checked this with the ps -A command.

Does anybody know how to solve this issue.

Thanks a lot,