I'm running Apache2 on NW6.5.4. Normally, when I go to
server.domain.com, I get Novell's portal page, with the login to the
right, and links on the left to the various services (NetStorage,
iManager, etc.) Recently, I added a few new virtual hosts that goes by
"Named" instead of "IP Based." I set up the folders for it and the URL
it should use.

When I go to the URL for my virtual host (vh1.domain.com for example),
it loads up the folder of the virtual host. However, if I go to
server.domain.com, it loads up vh1.domain.com's website. If I remove vh1
(virtual host 1), then going to server.domain.com will now load

Any idea why it's doing this? Do I have to give my server a separate IP
address to prevent this from happening? I thought named-base means it'll
look at the URL to determine which folder, so why is it being confused?
Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanx in advance.