I'm having some major problems getting NetStorage working on my newly
configured OES Linux Sp2 server. I don't know what happened during the
install, but it didn't create the novell users it needed (novlxregd,
novlwww,novlxsrvd etc) so I had to manually create those from the
passwd/shadow file on another server I'd setup before. It also didn't
create /srv/www/htdocs/oneNet. Any ideas why that might have happened?

I've installed and reinstalled Netstorage and the 3 other dependancies
about 10 times through rug and yast and it hasn't created the oneNet
directory or gotten Netstorage working.

I see the previous thread about NetStorage problems, but I don't think
those are quite the same issues. I'm installing ifolder 2 now to see if
that might help, as I wanted to install it anyhow on this server.

I see this over and over and over again in /var/log/messages:

Apr 24 12:24:19 oesweb [XTCOM]: novell-xsrvd: Server re-started after it
terminated unexpectedly
Apr 24 12:24:19 oesweb novell-xsrvd-8[5586]: XSrvD -ServiceConnections-
Unable to bind socket, error = 13

Any advice would be appreciated. My experience with setting up oes linux
has been that it takes about 2 or 3 reinstalls to get everything working
properly, but I setup nss on evms on this one which was a hassle and added
it to edir, so I don't want to wipe and reinstall it.