2 questions:

Got ifolder 3 running on OES SP2, everything works Ok. Want to proxy it to
the outside world through iChain 2.3SP4, having done this with iFolder 2
before. The web access interface works fine using TID10099850. I have this
configured on 1 address and ifolder-web.domain.com. I have set up a basic
accelerator on a second dedicated IP as ifolder.domain.com, with no
authentication, for the iFolder client. However I just get errors
connecting to server when try to use the iFolder client via iChain. Has
anybody else got this to work? Got a feeling the initial set up has to make
SSL connection to the back end server. I'm thinking that I either need to
make the accelerator act as a tunnel for SSL, and/or alternatively put the
iFolder's Root Cert into the Trusted Root container. Worried that although
the documentation says this can be done, I don't see any mention of how.

On an associated note I see that OES Linux uses the eDirectory certificates
for LDAP, but Apache uses the OpenSSL generated certificate. I've noticed
it only gave me a 1 year licence during installation. It would also be
useful to have the same trusted root for the Apache SSL certificate. Is
there a procedure for exporting the SSL DNS certificate from eDir and
getting it used by OES Linux Apache SSL?

Paul K