We have an SSL cert (Thawte) that is secured via a passphrase so that
someone has to enter a passphrase when Apache loads SSL or Apache does
not load. I went into /etc/sysconfig/apache2 and changed the
APACHE_START_TIMEOUT to 10. When I start the Apache2 service from the
init script after boot it gives me the time to put in the passphrase.
However, at boot it does not and just fails to load. It may also be
noted that with the SSL vhost (seperate IP from main SSL Vhost for
iManager and all) is in the directory at boot, I notice that Apache
tries to load and fails all before eDir trys to load. When this conf
file is not there and doesn't try to load this protected SSL cert, then
Apache loads just fine (even loading the main SSL Vhost). Any ideas?