Does anyone know what might cause this to appear over and over again in
/var/log/messages? It stops when I stop the novell-xsrvd service and
NetStorage never runs properly. Tomcat appears to work since I can use
iManager on the server.

Apr 27 14:01:57 servername [XTCOM]: novell-xsrvd: Server re-started after
it terminated unexpectedly
Apr 27 14:01:57 servername novell-xsrvd-7[20935]: XSrvD
-ServiceConnections- Unable to bind socket, error = 13

I'm having some major problems getting NetStorage and iFolder (the login
problems i'm having with ifolder probably aren't related since they started
before I even installed ifolder on this server) working on a oes sp2 linux
server. As I said in another thread, the oes install didn't create all of
the users it needed during the initial install, so I think that some of the
permissions on directories aren't setup right and that might be keeping
some of the utils from working properly.

Does anyone know of any utility which will go through and fix all of the
permissions for the novell utils and make sure that the right users have
been created? I really don't want to wipe this server yet again and start
over. Why can't this stuff just work?