VO version 1.5
QF version 4.0
both on SLES OES sp2

I have a separate QuickFinder server that indexes a few websites. (The
main site is intranet.domain.com)

When I setup VO to use QF I get an error message "Service unavailable:
Exception thrown in call to getSearchData method on WebSearch"

My guess is that this is the problem:
In VO Admin, I setup the Web Search section to use a remote server with
the url "http://websearch/qfsearch" and it looks like it adds the
/SearchServlet automatically.
Therefore I assume it is passing the following:
http://websearch/qfsearch/SearchServlet?query0=test .. And a bunch of
other stuff
But when I try this manually it fails, but if I enter:
... And a bunch of other stuff
It works properly!

My question is how to I make VO send the proper request, or how do I
configure QF to default to site=intranet.domain.com?