Maybe I'm missing something...

We are currently running a number of web applications on NetWare 6.5 SP5 (i.e. OES-NetWare) using the Tomcat integration with eDirectory for authentication. This has been working reasonably well for us, with some caveats. Our developers would prefer to run under Linux, so we recently purchased a new server and installed OES-Linux SP2.

I'm no Linux expert, though I'm learning, but I cannot find information on how or if OES-Linux is able to be setup in the same manner, allowing us to authenticate our web applications against eDirectory. Is there a similar setup, or is this something completely different? I've looked all over Novell's site with little success; there is lot's of information about this setup for NetWare, but not much for OES-Linux. And there is lot's of information on the web about setting up Tomcat in Linux, but nothing specific to eDirectory.

I tried taking the REALM configuration from our NetWare/Tomcat server and using that, but there is a problem with certificates, and I can't figure out where it should be looking. And, should I be using the Novell-Tomcat service, or the regular Tomcat service for this?

If someone can point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it.