I've jsut installed two OES (SLES9) servers and included quickfinder.
These boxes are in different eDirectory trees. (One is a test bed for the

I follwed the same procedures at installation time but on one box I can
only login to administer quickfinder using the linux root user
credentials. On the other I can also login as cn=admin.o=myco
On the box that fails the error message is: "Invalid Username or password"
The username/password pair is not invalid as I can login to iManager
without issue using the same credentials.

The login page reminds me;
"Note that the specified user must have "write" privileges to the
QuickFinder Server configuration files. "

The files at this location have the same ownership on both systems;
This file is also the same:

I guess one of my systems is missing a process to handle the
authentication. I don't know how to give an eDirectory user access to the
linux file system anyway if indeed that is what is required.

Any ideas?