Hello, working on OES SUSE web services again, and as before I'm getting
frustrated. On NetWare they have a prgoram called apacheadmin which makes
things so simply why can't they do that on OES as well?
Anyway, here is what I'm trying to do. I want to setup a virtual web
server, using a secondary ipaddress, but I'm unable to get things to work
through the YAST program, whenever I try to make an adjustment, I get an
error, "cannot adjust 'apache2' service" "OK", is the only option to
choose, and then I'm put back into the YAST services page. When I go to
restart things Apache2 will not load, and I loose iManager as well. I want
to know how to set things up either through the configuration files (Which
file(s) do I make the changes to, or do other people use YAST as well. I
have to switch to OES Linux soon, and I want to make sure that I understand
at least how I go about doing this, as compared to NetWare. Thank you for
any help that you can offer.