I'm doing a crawl though our iChain server to our main website.
Initially when I set the jobs up, the SUSE box running quickfinder 4.2
scanned the websites and gave me back a number of pages.
I then created an identical crawl but with an authenticated account. The
eDirectory/iChain logged the user in as it crawlled happily. I got back a
result of a higher number of pages.

When the two jobs were the automatically ran, the job without login gave
me an even higher number of pages returned than the logged in one, and
the logged in one did not appear to login (according to the account
information on the eDirectory).

Is Quickfinder storing information that is upsetting the search, i.e. the
cookies returned from iChain.. what does it do with them? Are they stored
on the server forever or cleared out after the crawl is done?

Thoughts would be appreciated