My Novell Remote Manager used to work but is now sick.

I normally connect to the server, get default page, open "Server
Management", click "Remote Manager", click "Open Remote Manager (Admin)".

I am prompted for username and password.

I enter admin and the password but it fails to login saying:
"Login Error: Username or Password invalid. Please try again."

Sometimes I do get in (usually after trying another user/password pair first
then using admin again). However when I do get in, I see only the "View
File System Listing" option. There is no configuration Icon.

If I try to use Yast - Network Services - Novell Remote Manager - its starts
to load but quits. The last thing displayed is "Reading Previous Settings"
it then quits unexpectedly.

I have tried reloading tomcat using /etc/init.d/novell-tomcat4 restart
This seems to work without errors but doesn't help.

I am subscriped to the OES channel in Red Carpet and applied all updates
except those related to clustering (which I don't use).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.