I just installed a new OES box this week. I had Quickfinder up and
running. Yesterday I made some changes to the indexing so it would
search some additonal sites to match my other quickfinder servers...I
clicked apply and the box hosed up. I kept getting server errors in the
web browser so I had to bounce the box. When I did, I tried going back
into Quickfinder administration...I tried logging in as Admin and got an
invalid username/password error. iManager works fine.

Does anyone know where the quickfinder config files in the file system

iManager is useless, YAST is useless, and there is zero documentation on
how to fix this. (the troubleshooting section of Quickfinder's guide is
lacking) I know I have a good LDAP/eDir connection, so something appears
to be broken somewhere. I just need to know what files configure this
thing and do it the linux way rather than relying on buggy web admin
utilities. Any help is much appreciated...Thanks,