I run a Netware environment. My webmaster runs an OES Linux 9.3 webserver.
The web server is not part of the tree. We have 30 users (all have
accounts in the Tree) who need access to varied locations in the web
directory (via FTP) on the webserver. The goal is to tap edir for account
information so we can avoid account management on the webserver. I'm
trying to conceptualize how a user could authenticate to the webserver for
FTP access, using credentials in edir, and the webserver have any idea what
directory access to grant to the user. Wouldn't the users need accounts ON
the webserver so the appropriate rights could be assigned, granting access
to some directories, as well as limiting access to others? What mechanism
could track this information (in this scenario) if the acutual account
information is in a disparate edir database?

I had considered using IDM but it seems like more than we need for such a
limited number of users in various parts of the Tree.