We are running an OES linux mail server. The problem is that NDSD keeps
falling over. A restart of the NDS daemon is then required. The logs show
the following error when the NDSD process dies.

Dec 4 11:15:02 pingu /usr/sbin/namcd[14903]: ldap_initconn: Unable to bind
to alternative LDAP servers either.

The upshot to this as that the webmail clients start suffering from timeout
issues. The only thing to do then is to restart the NDS daemon.

The OES linux server exists in the tree with other Netware 6.5 SP6 servers.
Only after a recent upgrade of the NW65 servers to SP6 did this problem
start occuring. Also, the server was powered off without a graceful
shutdown and I'm hoping that something did not get damaged in this process.

Any ideas?