Is it really not possible to search for content and filename in one query?

If i do a &query=something i get all files which CONTAIN 'something'. (A)
If i do a &filefilter=sómething i get all files with a filename CONTAINING
'something'. (B)
If i do a &query=something&filefilter=something i get (as expected, because
filefilter is an additional FILTER) only files which CONTAIN 'something' AND
a filename CONTAINING 'something'. (C)

But i see NO way of doing a single search which returns all files which
CONTAIN 'something' OR have a filename CONTAINING 'something'. (D)

If (A) returns 10 hits and (B) returns 4 hits.
(C) returns <=4 hits.
(D) should return >=4 and <=14 hits.

If i am not missing something, this is a major limitation.


PS: QF4 on OES Linux SP2.