Hi. I'm pretty much a Linux newb, so this is probably pretty obvious,
but I'm not getting it.

I am NOT using the stock Apache/MySQL that comes with OES, but rather
have installed the Apachefriends.org XAMPP package, since it has
several pluggins pre-installed that I will need for some upcoming
projects. That being said, I've posted this question over on their
forums, too, just in case.

I've changed the Apache document root to a folder on the SYS volume
(/usr/novell/sys/web) so I can directly transfer files and folders from
my XP desktop across the Netware network to the webserver. However, I
find that every time I do that, I have to go back to the server and
change the permissions on the new docs and directories if I don't want
to get "403 forbidden" errors.

Is there anything I can do to set the new document root to make all
added documents and folders readable on the internet, like it does on
my old Netware 6.5 install of Apache?