I am trying to enable various LUM users to have FTP access to a particular
folder within the file system (this folder has been set as they user's home
directory within their LUM profile, i.e. using namusermod) and whenever I
test the logins for the account I get the error in the subject line and
cannot access the server/folder. I have tested the FTP server with a local
user (POSIX account) and access to this folder works just fine with that
account, but it appears that their must be something with the PAM
authentication on the server or perhaps SELinux because none of the LUM
users can login.

I'm pretty certain that PAM authentication is working because I am using
the LUM/PAM authentication for other LUM users and the sshd and they can
login without any problems - so I'm doubtful that this is the issue. I'm
just not sure how to troubleshoot this as this is new territory for me
having just upgraded my clients server from Netware to OES Linux (SP3).
Any help is much appreciated and I apologize if this has been addressed
elsewhere or if I haven't included enough information.