I have been working on this problem for a while now and I have come to
the realization that I need some guidance, hopefully from all of you

Here is what we (the powers that be) want:

- OES Linux Server to host our intranet site and internet development/
testing sites. (Dreamweaver)
- Access to 'view' the intranet will be through http://serverip/intranet
- Access for our web developers would ideally be through direct/
network connection by mapping the NSS volume from the Novell Windows
client or login script.

What we have set up so far:

- OES installed with a standard OES install
- NSS volumes created and in the tree (USER/DATA)
- All user computers are XP Pro with Netware clients

The problem(s) encountered:

- After setting up an alias or a symbolic link to the NSS volume from /
srv/www/htdocs/intranet we get 403 forbidden errors.
- No matter how we try to manipulate rights it appears that linking
from the native linux partition to the NSS volume will not be allowed
for apache. I am able to follow the links as root.

Things we have entertained doing to resolve the issue:

- I have read a little about using mod_auth_ldap to resolve this
issue. If this will work can anyone give me a quick rundown on what/
how to set this up?
- Allowing direct access to the native Linux volume from our Windows/
Dreamweaver clients. Is there a problem with doing this? Would I use
samba for this? (we would prefer to use the NSS volume though)

I appreciate any wise words from anyone to help me down this road of
becoming a Netware/OES guru. This seems like it should be a common use
of an OES:L server in a mixed Linux/Netware environment, but maybe I
am just making my life difficult, so any architecture advice would
also be welcome.