I'm looking for some guidance on Tomcat memory settings for iManager 2.6
on OES Linux. I'm also looking for the 'java -show' and 'java
-showmemory' equivalent commands on OES Linux.

When attempting to log into iManager 2.6 on an OES Linux server today,
iManager threw an 'out of memory' error. I rebooted the server and the
error cleared.

Poking around the machine, I found this in the tomcat4.conf file:

JAVA_OPTS="-Xmx256M -Xss512k"

As I understand this, Java will give Tomcat a maximum of 256Mb for
Tomcat's use. The server has 4GB of RAM and is used primary as an iManager
server (It also holds a replica of a 15,000 user eDir tree.)

I'm pretty sure I can safely bump the max Tomcat memory to 1GB but I
haven't found docs that provides some rules-of-thumb for setting Tomcat
memory on OES Linux machines.

Any ideas on where I can find some help on Tomcat memory settings?

I have found some NetWare 6.5 docs on setting tomcat memory. One procedure
called for using 'java -show' and 'java -showmemory' to determine and
verify the tomcat memory usage. When I attempt to do a 'java -show' and
'java -showmemory' on the Linux box, I'm basically told these are not
valid options for the java command.

What are the 'java -show' and 'java -showmemory' equivalent commannds on
an OES Linux box?

P.S. Hope you have an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend.

Dave Braun
Ameren Services