Hi All,

looking to setup squid for our business internet access, so this is our
fast (elite) access line so obvious mgmt wants control over
this.....currently have another squid box but this only check ip for
allowing / denying access to internet.

So for the new one here is what i need to do

1.Proxy/caching -easy i use Squid!
2.Athentication - via LDAP to eDir of course , thinking i should have a
business internet group for this, only users in this group are allowed!?
(this will be a config issue in squid but how?)
3. Web content filtering (porn, webmail etc etc)
4. Monitoring and reporting, be able to give a report or even beter live
monitor to mgmt on demand.

Suppose all of this is easy do-able if you are a linux guru which i am
not, SO what combination of add-ons/products must i use to accomplish the
above..of course free, i came aross squidgaurd is tis sufficient?....fir
fltering that is?.....please any advice?...