Hi all,

I've got an OES Linux server on which we're setting up an Identity
Manager 3.5 vault.

As part of this, we're using Remote Manager and iMonitor to look at the
DSTrace screens.

This morning, our Remote Manager stopped responding, in that when you
point a browser at https://idmvault.foo.bar.com:8009/ the browser sits
twiddling it's thumbs indefinitely. Firefox tells me that it's
Conntected to idmvault.foo.bar.com.... but nothing displays in the

The strange things:
port 8009 is open (I can telnet idmvault.foo.bar.com 8009 and not get
Apache appears to be fine, as I can access https://idmvault.foo.bar.com/
and other web services.
Tomcat appears to be ok, as iManager is working properly

I've rebooted the server, which changes nothing
I've also deleted remote maganer with YaST and reinstalled it to no


James Dore,
New College IT Officer