Hi al,

Working with SLES9/OES I've been facing some problems when trying to
access SSH storage locations created and assigned to different user.

Let's say, user A can access a given folder in the server by using any
SSH client. The same user is able to login to NetStorage if no SSH
storage location is assigned to her/his.

But, if I create a SSH storage location and assign it to the user, the
login to NetStorage will fail. The user won't receive any new from the
server. Simply the web interface keeps trying to load something that
never will appear.

I've been using this SSH storage locations and seen problems like this.
But in some cases they where linked to a given computer or network
connection. But during the last week any user with an assigned SSH
storage location failed to login the NetStorage.

Please, have you any idea about what is happening here? Where could I
look for log messages related to this issue? Thanks for your help!!!

All the best,


Ricardo Rodríguez
Your XEN ICT Team