We want to replace our Netware 6.0sp5 production servers by oes linux
With the server consolidation Utilily 4.11 it is not possible to migrate
from a netware server to a oes linux sp2 server.
I want to keep my servername and IP address. If we want to change to oes
linux we must install oes linux sp2 on a new server with a new name and
Then we can consolidate the data from netware/nss to oes linux/nss.
After the server is installed and data is moved we can change the ip address
and server name, but it isn't easy in oes /linux to do it, see tid 10097192.

Better would be to change the ipaddress and servername of the netware server
and then install a new oes/linux server with the original servername and
In this case we have to do the job in a weekend because we can't do any work
in advance.

I have read that there are new oes migration tools in oes2.
Is that true and would it be possible to do a migration so that at the end
the new server takes the identity of the old server ?
This would save me a lot of time and problems !

Are there better solutions to do the replacement ?

Kind regards,

Jacques Bearelle