I hope I am not violating forum protocol with this post, but I am having
the exact same error on my 6.5 sp2 box. It is running without issue, it
reboots fine, I can view the C: contents via remote manager. But this
NetWare Configuration File Transfer Cache to DOS Error: 0x4 keeps popping
up on the logger screen. Here is the output of "load config /all". Thanks
in advance...if I need to start a new thread, that is fine, just let me
know....thanks again!!!
Network Administrator

> On Thu, 14 Jul 2005 12:13:02 GMT, "Marcel Cox" <cimetmc@myrealbox.com>
> wrote:
> >Arjan wrote:
> >
> >> Here's the output of load config /all /o /x

> >
> >It' seems it didn't make it. Maybe it was too big.
> >However in any case, I would like the TXT version generated by simply
> >the /all option, rather than the XML version which is not so nice to
> >read for a human.

> OK, I can post that no earlier then next week Friday, as I'm offsite a
> few days :-)