We have two servers at the High School where I work one is for the Admin
network and one is for the Student network.

The Admin network is running a Dell Poweredge 1800 server and the Student
network is running a Dell Poweredge 2800 server. Both servers are running
Netware 6 SP5 and Zenworks 4.01 ir6.

We are having a problem with the Admin server. Anytime you have to bring
the server down and then power it up, it boots to the DOS partition, then
initializes server.exe, and then starts to load the netware partition and
then mounts the volumes.

When volume SYS goes to load it takes an extremely long time to mount in
the area of about 20 to 25 minutes. After Volumes SYS mounts, Apps volume
and Users volume load really fast and the server boots up fast again. Now
once the server boots up everything works fine, ndps works, imaging engine
works, sys volume and other volumes are mounted. Just the SYS volume takes
a really long time to load.

In comparison to volume SYS mounting on the Dell Poweredge 2800 for the
student network loads really fast but the Dell Poweredge 1800 for the
Admin network the SYS volume loads really slow as mentioned above.

What could be causing Volume SYS to load really slow? Are there any
solutions or TID's about this problem?