I'm trying to help a friend at their small business location.

Their NetWare 6.5 Server running on a high end Clone has just one IDE
hard drive. The DOS (C:) partition is running DR DOS 7.0 and it is set up
to boot from a floppy dickette for some odd reason.

Anyway, their DOS partition has suffered data loss. I can run the 'Dir'
command and see all the files and directories. But I then get a 'Data
error reading Drive C:' error message. I cannot run scandisk as it ends
with the same error. Netware loads to a point and fails obviously when
trying to read a file in the NWSERVER directory. It will not go further
than that.

Can someone please advise if the following will work to salvage this
server (They do not have any backups !!)

1) Can I install Netware 6.5 on another machine and then simply copy the
C:\Nwserver' directory and any startup files and restore it to the C:
partition of the failed drive. I am hoping I can re-format the C:
partition on that drive so that it marks any bad sectors before I copy
the new files over. I will of course make any necessary Startup.ncf

Do you think this has a chance of working providing of course that the
Netware partition is intact?

If anyone can offer any advice how to recover from this disaster, it will
save my friends from a lot of grief.

Thanks very much.