Two days ago, we upgraded 4 cluster servers to OES NetWare. That night,
1 of them abended. NO ABEND.LOG was on the sys:\system directory and we
were unable to write a coredump because it gave us this message:

"unable to open log file C:\Diag500.log" Reboot server

(I know how to write coredumps, so I'm stumped by this). We have 1 GB
DOS partition and DOSFAT is loaded (we have to as this is a dual HBA
Qlogic setup and we boot from the SAN).

Yesterday we had 8 more servers abend (half our cluster) and none of the
OES boxes wrote anything to the abend.log (in fact there IS no

Am I missing something? Our NON-Clustered OES boxes CAN and DO write
coredumps and abend.log files, so I'm very concerned at this point.