Dear Support,

I have a hp dl360g3 nw6.5 server running sp2, it is also running gw6.5.4

I have ordered some memory for it as it is on the minimum (512MB) but the
problem with it leaking memory is occurring more frequently.

The server is displaying 'cache memory allocator out of available memory'
after a few days following a reboot. The server then fails over and the
following is displayed in the hp iml 'fatal exception (number 14, cause
abend: page fault running process: gwpoa-qf indexer code executing in
module filesys.nlm v5.13 at offset +2D01Eh)

I think the issue is the version of edir, it is showing as 8.7.1 and if I
detail the module the following version is mentioned;
ds.nlm version 10510.64 july 11 2003.

What is going to be the best way to resolve this ; patch 8.7.1 or upgrade
edir to 8.7.3 and patch this up as well?

Any advice would be appreciated.