We have a NW 6 SP5 server that is our GroupWise mail server and it is
consitantly loses connection to the network every 8 hours or so. It had
done this behavior in the past and I thought I had fixed it but upgrading
the Intel NIC drivers to a new version. It ran for several months ok
then we had some power issues and the server was rebooted. That was
several days ago and since then every 8-9hours it loses connection. It
is like the network cable is unplugged, which it is not of course. We
have tried just about everything we can think of including,
-Upgrading the Intell Pro 100 S Nic drivers to the 8.12 version.
-Replacing the network cable
-Changing the port on the Cisco switch that the server is plugged into.
-Making sure the duplex/speed options on the server and the cisco switch
are matching.
-Replacing the entire Intel Nic card with a brand new out of the box one.
All of these have not fixed the problem. Like clockwork it will lose
connection with the network and the outside Internet every 8 hour cycle.
At this point the only thing that fixes it is to reboot the server. It
then runs fine for another 8-9hours.
This is an email server as well as the timesync server for our Novell
tree so it is always moving data, never any idle time. I simply can't
understand what is going on. My other 5 Novell boxes are fine just this
server is doing it.
When it goes into the "state" where it can't communicate if you unplug
the cable it will prompt that the link is down, if you plug it back in,
it says link is back up. But still no communication, if you reinitalize
the system, nothing it still won't communicate, only thing that fixes it
is to reboot.

Any ideas, or help would be very appreciated by this Novell network
manager and keep me from losing my mind! Thanks...