I have a customer who has a G4 HP proliant DL380

These have integrated NIC using the the HP / Broadcom driver
Q57. Can't remember the version but it is the Latest avaliable from HP.

Now when I am a big eDir Partition or run a Local Repair on the
Database. The server stops responding to the Network for a few minutes.
No errors, CPU may hit 100% (not always) so I can do things on the
server at this point but it may take a while to do such as load edit etc.

Server then comes back, still no errors reported.

I have the NIC forced at 100FD I just read a update from Andre Taubman
say they should be AUTO. AUTO. Can anyone tell me why.. (will try this

Should I try the Broadcom Drivers instead?

Now I don't know if it is a Network problem. The server IP stats seem
ok with out packet loss.

Any help would be great.