I purchased a Dell PowerEdge 2800 server with 4 gigs of ram and installed
the Netware 6.5 sp3 overlay cd, actually Open Enterprise Server. I
experienced the memory problems that have been discussed in this forum.
First I applied all the bios and hardware updates for the Dell server
then I installed nw65os3a.exe and n65nss3a.exe. I have read TID 10091980,
10012765, 10089554, 10091810, and 10096649. My memory problem has not
been fixed by any of these items.

The problem I have is when I restart the server my cache buffer memory in
system resources in monitor reports 28% and my miscellaneous memory
reports 58 %. Over time the cache buffer memory migrates to the
miscellaneous memory until the cache buffer memory goes below 10 % and
then my backup program (Arcserve for Netware R11.1) returns a memory
error and dosen't run. I have to restart the server to get the memory
back so my backup program can run. This process takes about a week.

If anyone has had this problem and fixed it I would appreciate some
advice on what else to try.

Debby Brooks