Excuse me if this is not the correct forum for my question/problem.
My NW65 SP3, eDir 8376 with all post SP3 patches installed is running
Arcserve 11.1 fully patches and eTrust 7.1.
The server has 5GB of memory, 3 146GB drives (Raid 5 data volume), 2 146GB
drivers(mirrored sys volume), and 1 146GB Hot spare).
I've noticed that when eTrust is loaded, the available memory decreases
constantly from 2000 MB to 800MB within 7 days.
I've taken steps outlined :
without success. The NRM indicates the NSS demand the most memory and the
demand keeps rising- 3GB+.
If I unload the eTrust, available memory increases to acceptable level-
about 2GB.
My servers need eTrust. Could someone please advise me on how to control
memory and maintain available memory with etrust running.