Ive been seeing a lot on the forums about this combination causing problems,
but after messing around a bit i found that the server still crashes when
the groupwise 7 webaccess isnt loaded.
All of a sudden the server heads to 100% load on a single cpu and people get
the 500 error on webaccess / imanager.
Only way to stop it is to unload java, but after unloading webaccess and
starting tomcat4 again, the server goes right back up to full load and stuff
still doesnt work.
Ive had nw6.5 sp3 running for a few months with groupwise 6.5.4 and that
worked just fine so it must be something gw7 webaccess puts in the tomcat,
after seeing the odd things for simmular configurations i have in other
threads i'd rather not update to sp4 and wait for sp5 so im kinda wondering
if theres a fix for nw6.5sp3.
Im not really sure why the server shoots back up to 100% after loading
tomcat(and java by doing so) again even when gw webaccess isnt running, it
must have something queued somewhere, but a server restart makes it go away
and work again for like 5 hours.